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Life settlements offer unique features which hardly correlate with other investments. This relates not only to cash flow streams, investment risks and performance but also to documentation requirements and even trading. Not very surprisingly though, the life settlement market is a very particular market unlike most other asset classes. This offers great opportunities for investors. While life settlement portfolios can be designed to offer attractive return and cashflow profiles, the risks associated with such investments are still manifold.

AAP has been established with the aim to provide reliable, unbiased,  and sophisticated guidance for institutional clients based on independent research and actual market information. AAP strives to enable its clients to fully understand the particular nature of life settlements  with all risks and opportunities attached to it. Our services shall put clients in a position to challenge their counterparties on every level.

We firmly believe that well educated investors are for the benefit of the whole life settlement industry as it will enhance sound market practices, improve investment decisions and strengthen the credibility and reputation of the life settlement market.