Dedicated to
Uncorrelated Arbitrage



  • Buy side advisory
  • General investment advisory
  • Reinsured investments and products with capital protection 

Benefits for clients:

  • Purchase price of policies or whole portfolios reflect market conditions, avoids too expensive buying.
  • Exploring sweet spots and market inefficiencies for policy purchases.
  • Identification of sellable policies, selling policies for which a demand exists.
  • Arbitrage of market trends and market shifts, avoiding investments in unattractive market segments.
  • Advising fitting product structures which don’t jeopardize the investment objectives.
  • Define and implement reasonable risk structures, maximize risk/reward-ratio.
  • Ongoing risk monitoring for investment risks don’t get out of control.
  • Products with a floor due to reinsurance coverage, minimum return is secured.
  • Investment solutions with capital protection, repayment of initial is ensured.