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Uncorrelated Arbitrage



Although life settlements can provide great value for investors this asset class still enjoys a hidden gem status in the financial industry due to the complexity of its features. With in-depth knowledge and the necessary data the beauty of the asset class can be exploited for the benefit of investors.

Over the years AAP became one of the leading advisors in the life settlement industry. To create sustainable value for its clients AAP strictly adheres to its guiding principles:

Independence – Credibility – Reliability

  • We make up our own mind - our research and analysis is based on proprietary data and models.
  • We have checks and balances - our data is verified and our processes are certified by independent third parties.
  • We collect data from multiple, independent sources to avoid manipulation.
  • We are transparent – our models and solutions are no black box so our clients can follow what we do.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest - we do not get any revenues or soft commissions from any other counterparty except our clients.
  • We are focused – where we do not have an expertise we will work with partners that do have.