Life Settlement Market Information - Volumes, Prices and much more

Accurate and up to date market data is essential

For years market information in the life settlement industry has been scares if not impossible to get. Investors had to rely on anecdotal evidence, on single sell side sources or on fragmented information from related parties. On this background AAP launched several initiatives to close this gap.

Life settlement transaction data

AAP collects accurate, reliable up to date information in the secondary and tertiary market from multiple sources on a monthly basis. Given the broad basis of data providers the collected information is representative for the whole market place.

  • Market intelligence and accurate market information is of tremendous importance if life settlements are bought or sold. The ‘AAP Life Settlement Market Review’ offers comprehensive information. AAP can alternatively provide customized information on request. More information can be found under AAP Life Settlement Market Review.
  • The data allows a pricing of life settlement portfolios according to current market conditions. Tailor-made information for the mark-to-market of life settlement portfolios can be provided on request. For more details see AAP Solutions.
  • AAP calculates and publishes the ‘AAP Life Settlement Reference Rate – Main Market’ which serves as indication for the current projected IRR level. More information can be found under AAP Life Settlement Reference Rate.

Life settlement performance data

AAP has built up a comprehensive data base with performance information of open-end and closed-end investment structures.  The collected data starts in 2001 and allows an in-depth understanding of the asset class.

  • AAP offers advisory services regarding investment products. Respective information can be found under Investment Advisory.
  • AAP offers assessments of existing products. Please refer to Assessments for more information.
  • AAP provided performance data for a study of the University of St.Gallen. The study and more information regarding risk and return of life settlements is available under Life Settlements Risk & Returns.
  • AAP calculates and publishes the AAP Life Settlement Index which is the leading performance benchmark of the industry. More information regarding the index can be found on AAP Life Settlement Index.