AAP - Independent Market Insight

  • Independence

    AAP has been established in 2007 as a privately owned company providing independent consulting services for institutional clients regarding life settlements. The company is domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is an essential prerequisit for every financial market. AAP has committed itself to  transparency in the life settlement market and has therefore launched several initiatives to make reliable market data publicly available.

  • Innovation

    It's independence and proprietary knowhow allows AAP to question established paradigms and to approach the market from a different angle. This leads to new and innovative solutions and services that will complement existing and new needs of investors.

  • Market Intelligence

    Over the past years AAP has built a large network with well established and experienced life settlement providers, distribution agents and asset managers. With this network, and in combination with proprietary databases and market data, AAP is perfectly positioned to serve investors. 

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