AAP Life Settlement Market Review

Getting the full picture every month

The AAP Life Settlement Market Review provides an actual picture of the market for traded US life insurance policies by using data from closed transactions. The report tracks all major facets:

  • Market volumes in different market segments
  • Level of transaction prices
  • Projected IRR numbers for different market segments as well as per gender, face value, age and so forth
  • Distribution of projected IRR
  • Used life expectancies for the closing and distribution of the life expectancies
  • Medical underwriting of different medical underwriter firms and the distribution of the medical underwriting
  • And much more

To guarantee a reliable and unbiased view on the market, the report is edited using actual transaction data. All data reported is collected via an independent third party, the IRR calculations are provided by an international audit company and the compilation of the data is supervised by an independent board.

To view a sample report please click here.

The AAP Life Settlement Market Review is released monthly and can be subscribed.